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Rebuild Me Wellness Program

Rebuild Me Wellness Program

Rebuild Me Wellness Program


Give Your Residents a Wellness Program for as little as $1 per person

The Rebuild Me Wellness Program™ is a 12-month guided wellness program for senior living facilities. Our program consists of a step-by-step DVD, Instructional Literature, Facility Welcome Video, Exercise Bands, and Inflatable Activity Balls. We have developed the program to address the needs of both Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities by creating two versions with exercises customized for each facility type.

What's Included

  • Guided DVDs

    Containing our guided 12-month wellness exercises, Mindful Reflections, Quarterly Activity and welcome videos.

  • Instructional Binder

    Includes written instructions for staff, promotional posters and tracking sheets for the Walk With Me activity, Mindful Reflection guides, and facility welcome literature.

  • Exercise Bands

     A complete set of 15 resistance exercise bands - yellow for Skilled Nursing and green for Assisted Living.

  • Inflatable Balls and Storage Bag

    Part of the Fast Frenzied Fun Quarterly Activity.