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It is the mission of RBM Wellness to passionately develop and produce wellness programs that will improve the lives of our clients. With a dedication to principles that are rooted in evidence-based fitness and wellness science, we help people enrich their lives through whole-person wellness techniques that focus on the body, the mind, and the spirit of each individual.

The Origin of RBM Wellness

With more than a decade of experience in the health and mental wellness field, as well as her own personal journey of finding purpose in life, Beverly Stephens, H.F.P., C.E.S. sought to build a company whose mission was to help others on their journey toward whole-body wellness. Drawing on her experiences and passion to help people overcome similarly difficult life experiences, Beverly launched RBM Wellness after years of experience working with elderly residents in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. She noticed a marked improvement in health and overall quality of life in those residents participating in a wellness program. Her passion for improving the lives of more elderly residents led to the development of RBM’s first in-house instructional wellness series for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. With this initial product launch, RBM Wellness was set on course to develop additional and diverse wellness programs and to accomplish its mantra to “Help People Improve Themselves”.