RBM WELLNESS, INC. IS NOW OFFERING 20% OFF OUR ASSISTED LIVING AND SKILLED NURSING WELLNESS PROGRAMS – REBUILD ME – UNTIL DEC 31st! Start 2020 with an in-house, activity staff driven wellness program!  We provide everything your staff needs (including monthly training) to build a robust wellness program and promote a wellness culture in your facility!
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Make 2020 the year of Senior Wellness at your facility!

Start now to make 2020 the year your facility develops a culture of wellness for your residents!  Incorporating the most successful practices, RBM Wellness provides multi-dimensional wellness programs for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.  The Rebuild Me Programs are a one-time, no contract purchase, complete with easy to use instructions and can be implemented by existing activity staff.  Now is the time to plan, check us out at RBMWellness.com

Creating a Wellness Culture in Senior Living Facilities

Creating a Wellness Culture in Senior Living Facilities
The Rebuild Me Wellness Program was designed and created to address all of the above topics with evidenced-based science and is an invaluable tool in creating a wellness culture.  However, the most important aspect of a balanced program is the staff who implement it.