Improve The Lives of Your Residents

The 12-month RBM Wellness program is supported by evidence-based fitness and wellness science.

An In-house Wellness Solution

Bring your facility's wellness & activity program in house with the RBM Wellness Program.

Versatile & Comprehensive Program

The RBM Wellness program is adapted for either Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facilities

The RBM Wellness Difference

Senior wellness programs can reduce falls and improve range of motion when residents participate in engaging exercises.
RBM Wellness is changing the way senior living facilities provide wellness activities for their residents through our restorative therapy program.

Learn About RBM Wellness

Hear about RBM Wellness and the positive outcomes of the Rebuild Me Program straight from real seniors who are currently participating in the the program in their assisted living facility.

Three Fundamentals of RBM Wellness


At the core of our program is a focus on physical wellness. Our programs are designed to consider the physical abilities of participants with varying degrees of ability.


Engaging and maintaining the mental health of residents is just as important as their physical health. Our programs engage and enhance mental awareness and cognition.


Spiritual Wellness is a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. Our program works to open the door to inward reflection.

Simplify Resident Wellness Activities

RBM Wellness is designed to be implemented by existing staff. It is easy to use and can help improve the quality of life for your residents through restorative therapy techniques.

Implement an Evidence-Based Program

The RBM Wellness Program was developed on a foundation of evidence-based wellness and fitness science. Our restorative program has been modified for use in either Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Focus on Whole-Person Wellness

RBM Wellness is dedicated to helping people enrich their lives through whole-person wellness techniques that focus on the body, the mind, and the spirit of each individual.

12-Month RBM Wellness Program

Passionately developed with a concentration on the needs of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities.

Rebuild Me Wellness Program
  • Exercise Program

    Decrease falls, and increase range of motion with our engaging senior wellness program. Designed for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities.

  • Mindful Reflection

    Thought-provoking reflective discussions about wellness, mental health, and spiritual health.

  • Quarterly Activities

    Special quarterly activities to encourage wellness in unique and fun ways.

  • Facility Support

    Our team is ready and happy to help with any questions about the RBM Wellness Program.

Request More Information

To learn more information about the Rebuild Me Wellness Program, including pricing, please visit our Contact page to submit a request, or call 573.561.1119