Improve The Lives of Your Residents

The ReBuild Me Wellness program is a comprehensive and self-contained wellness program, supported by evidence-based fitness and wellness science.

An In-house Wellness Solution

Everything is provided, including easy to follow instructions that allow your existing staff to create a wellness culture within your community.

Versatile & Comprehensive Program

The Rebuild Me Wellness Program is available in two versions. The senior living (assisted) version is for those more active, whereas the skilled nursing version provides a more restorative approach.

The RBM Difference

Whole person wellness is multi-dimensional; integrating the sciences of anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology, and spirituality.  While the complexities may be daunting, the benefits are undeniable and innumerable.  Incorporating a complete wellness program into a community, however, can be expensive and time consuming.  That’s why we designed the Rebuild Me Program.  Based on science but with a simple implementation strategy, it allows communities to benefit from a dynamic wellness program, without the complications, additional expenses, or increased staffing.

That's what we call - WELLNESS SIMPLIFIED!

Testimonials from actual participants

Listen to the benefits and positive outcomes of the Rebuild Me Program from seniors currently participating in their assisted living facility.

Facility Impact

How Your Facility Benefits From Our Program:
Resident Health

Reduce Falls

Increase Strength/ROM 

Reduce Possible Hospital Stays

Resident Satisfaction

Mental/Intellectual Challenge

Topics that enhance life satisfaction 

Promote a Culture of Wellness

Facility Support

Detailed Instructions Provided

1 on 1 Consultation

Marketing Materials Provided


Increase Length of Resident Stay

Use Existing Staff

Save Time for Staff

Simplify Resident Wellness Activities

The Rebuild Me Program is designed to be implemented by existing staff. Program classes and activities are prepared to be plugged into your existing calendar, saving your staff time in planning and preparing wellness activities.  

Implement an Evidence-Based Program

The Rebuild Me Program was developed on a foundation of evidence-based sciences of psychology, anatomy, sociology, physiology, and spirituality. The Assisted Living program is designed for more active seniors, whereas the Skilled Nursing program has a more restorative focus. 

Focus on Whole-Person Wellness

The Rebuild Me Program is dedicated to helping people enrich their lives through whole-person wellness techniques that focus on the body, the mind, and the spirit of each individual.

12-Month Rebuild Me Program

The year-long Rebuild Me Program can be repeated on an annual basis. Passionately developed with a concentration on the needs of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities.

Rebuild Me Wellness Program
  • Exercise Program

    Decrease falls, and increase range of motion with our engaging senior wellness program. Designed for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities.

  • Mindful Reflection

    Thought-provoking reflective discussions about wellness, mental health, and spiritual health.

  • Quarterly Activities

    Special quarterly activities to encourage wellness in unique and fun ways.

  • Facility Support

    Our team is ready and happy to help with any questions about the RBM Wellness Program.